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Featured Roundtable Articles

This index is updated monthly on the W0TX web site, lists unique articles submitted by various writers.
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Analyzing Antenna Specifications (W6OAV) Jan 2014

Antenna Gain (AA0JK) May 2017

Antenna Radiation Pattern Explained – Part 1 (W6OAV) Oct 2010

Antenna Radiation Pattern Explained – Part 2 (W6OAV) Nov 2010

Can a Coil Stop Lightning Damage? (N0LAJ) Nov 2011

Comparing the MFJ and AEA Loops (W6OAV) Apr 2012

Don’t Load it, Bend It (W6OAV) Oct 2017

Don’t Worry About High SWR (W6OAV) Feb 2016

Effects of Raising a VHF/UHF Antenna (W6OAV) Dec 2017

HF Attic Antennas (W6OAV) Dec 2015

HF Mobile Antenna Shootout (W6OAV) Aug 2010

Inverted Vee Verses a Dipole (W6OAV) Dec 2010

Radials Demystified – Part 1 (W6OAV) Apr 2008

Radials Demystified – Part 2 (W6OAV) May 2008

Radials Demystified – Part 3 (W6OAV) Jun 2008

Small Transmitting Loops Demystified (W6OAV) Jan 2017

Stealth Antennas, Testing (W6OAV) Oct 2014

Strange Navy Shipboard Antenna (W6OAV) Oct 2012

Testing VHF mobile antennas (W6OAV) Jan 2013

The Tactical Vest Antenna System Jul 2010

Using Thin Gauge Wire for Stealth Antennas (W6OAV) Jul 2010

Verticals and Ground Rods (W6OAV) Dec 2007


20 Meters on a Small Boat (KU5X) Aug 2011

70 cm Slim Jim Antenna (CT1EHO) Mar 2008

Adventures in Antennas (KC2CAG) Feb 2015

A Good Stealth HF Antenna – Part 1 (W6OAV) Jun 2009

A Good Stealth HF Antenna – Part 2 (W6OAV) Jul 2009

A Good Stealth HF Antenna – Part 3 (W6OAV) Sep 2009

A Traveler’s Dual Band J Pole – Part 1 (W6OAV) Jan 2008

A Traveler’s Dual Band J Pole – Part 2 (W6OAV) Feb 2008

Build a PVC J Pole (W6OAV) Jan 2013

High Sierra Roof Mounted Antenna (KB0MQQ) Oct 2010

How Do Dual Band Verticals Work? (W6OAV) Mar 2015

Magnetic Loop Tests (W6OAV, K6DUX) Nov 2015

My Loop Antenna Experience – Intro (W6OAV) Nov 2009

My Loop Antenna Experience – Part 1 (K6DUX) Dec 2009

My Loop Antenna Experience – Part 2 (K6DUX) Jan 2010

My Loop Antenna Experience – Part 3 (K6DUX) Feb 2010

My Skyhook (K6DUX) Feb 2014

My Stealth Birdfeeder Antenna – Part 1 (W0QL) Apr 2013

My Stealth Birdfeeder Antenna – Part 2 (W0QL) May 2013

Rain Gutter Antenna (WM0G) Oct 2009

Stealth J Pole (K0HVA) May 2012

Tiger Tail Radial (W6OAV) Apr 2016

The KB0MPX Dual Band J Pole (W6OAV) May 2009

W6RYX Antenna – Part 1 (W6RYX) Mar 2010

W6RYX Antenna – Part 2 (W6RYX) Apr 2010

W6RYX Antenna – Part 3 (W6RYX) May 2010


Analyzing Antenna Analyzers (W6OAV) Mar 2008

Coax- What Should I Buy? (W6OAV) Sep 2007

No VHF SWR Meter? No problem (KB6NU) Apr 2010


2 Meters and Propagation (W6OAV) Aug 2017

A Index, K Index and SFI Explained (W6OAV) Sep 2010

Difference Between Near and Far Fields (W5LEF) Mar 2013

HF Communications (NOAA) Feb 2015

Interpreting Roundtable Solar Charts (W6OAV) Sep 2010

Keeping Track of Solar Activity (KB0A) Mar 2008

Radio Horizons (W6OAV) Jan 2018

Using HAP Propagation Charts (W6OAV) Jan 2011

VHF Propagation Explained (VK3AFW) Jan 2011

What Happened to My Mobile Signal? (W6OAV) Aug 2007

Work DX via Sporadic E – Part 1 (W6OAV) Jan 2009

Work DX via Sporadic E – Part 2 (W6OAV) Feb 2009

Work DX via Sporadic E – Part 3 (W6OAV) Mar 2009

Work DX via Sporadic E – Part 4 (W6OAV) Apr 2009


A Computer & TV Interference Cure (W6OAV) Dec 2012

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Intro (W6OAV) Sep 2011

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 1 (W6OAV) Oct 2011

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 2 (W6OAV) Nov 2011

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 3 (W6OAV) Dec 2011

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 4 (W6OAV) Jan 2012

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 5 (W6OAV) Feb 2012

Safe Wi-Fi Computing – Part 6 (W6OAV) Mar 2012

What’s in a PI? (WA2MZG & AA2YV) Nov 2017


Bits Verses Bauds (W6OAV) Jun 2017

BrandMeister Explained (W6OAV) Feb 2017

Can’t Match Antenna on One Band (W6OAV) Apr 2014

Echolink 101 (KC0CZ) Jul 2008

Explanation of Sun Spot Numbers Jul 2010

How Far Does My Ground Wave Go? (W6OAV) Nov 2007

Intro to MOTOTRBO™ (KB0A) July 2012

Keeping Track of Solar Activity (KB0A) Mar 2008

Observing Band Edges – Correction (KB0A) Mar 2008

Observing Band Edges (KB0A) Feb 2008

Reliability for “Techies” (N0LAJ) Mar 2012

Should I Use an Antenna Tuner? (AA0JK) Apr 2017

The Difference Between Watts & VA (Raposa) Feb 2013

Understanding DMR Code Plugs (W6OAV) Apr 2017


APRS & Repeater Book While Travelling (W6OAV) Mar 2014

Cut Down Ignition Noise (N0OBA) May 2015

Did You Know – Solder (KR0P) Feb 2017

Entering a Contest (W0RAA) Oct 2008

Getting Started in Emergency Comms (K0SSE) Oct 2007

How to Send “@” or “%” in Morse Code Dec 2012

Installing an RF Ground (KB0NHX) Dec 2014

Keep Track of Solar Activity (KB0A) Mar 2008

Lightning Safety Tips May 2009

Lithium Battery Experiments (K8OCL) Jan 2017

Lithium Battery Overcharge Danger (Martek Int) Apr 2013

Locating Mobile Ignition Noise (W6OAV) Oct 2007

Payroll Bill and Amateur Radio Study (KF0RW) Mar 2012

RepeaterBook – A Must Have APP (W6OAV) Dec 2013

Power Pole Connectors, Installing Mar 2014

Rusty Tower Bolts? Jul 2013

Simplify Soldered Splices (W6OAV) Mar 2010

Solder Tips ((KR0P) Apr 2016

Verify Your Ham Plate Registration (W6OAV) Jan 2010

What’s It Worth? – WEB Site (W6OAV) Feb 2011


A Walk on the Cool Side (WG0N) Jun 2015

Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air (W0UI) Nov 2013

BrandMeister Move Relocation has Begun (W6OAV, K0HTX) May 2017

Centennial Cone Project (W6OAV) Sep 2008

Centennial Cone Antenna Work Party (W0GV) Jul 2015

DRC at BARCfest (KB0A) Oct 2012

DRC/Saturn Station Now Has NVIS (W6OAV) Aug 2011

DRC Members Work at Table Mountain (K0HTX) Nov 2013

EAA Airventure 2016 Oshkosh (AA0JK) Sept 2016

Exploring 60 Meters (WB0HBJ/W6OAV) Feb 2011

Franktown Repeater Installed (W6OAV) Aug 2014

My ARRL/W1AW Experience (AC0VC) Sep 2010

Removal of AG0X’s Tower (AC0VC, WG0N) May 2012

Squaw Mountain After the Storm (WG0N) July 2016

The DRC, TSA & the 2008 DNC (K0SSE) Oct 2008

Tour of CBS4 (W6OAV) Aug 2010

Voter Repeater Project (N0LAJ) Sep 2014

W0QL/W6OAV QRP Expedition – Part 1 (W6OAV) Nov 2008

W0QL/W6OAV QRP Expedition – Part 2 (W6OAV) Dec 2008

Working the World With JT65 (W6OAV) Oct 2011


Amateur Digital TV to Denver – Part 1 (WA6RZW) May 2011

Amateur Digital TV to Denver – Part 2 (WA6RZW) Jun 2011

Belkin FM Transmitter Power Supply (WK0C) Jul 2008

Discipline for a Walmart Clock (WA6RZJ) Feb 2012

Frequency Measurements Methods (WA6RZJ) Jun 2013

HF Demonstration (K0HVA) Mar 2013

How About a New Kit to Build? (CT1EHO) Nov 2013

Radiation Monitoring & Ham Radio (KB0BZZ) Apr 2011

Raspberry Pi Web Server (W0QL) Oct 2013

Sound Card Packet (W0BKZ) Jun 2008

Super Charge your MD-380/MD390 (W6OAV) Oct 2017


A CW Operator’s Kind of Wine (W6OAV) Feb 2011

All is Not Quiet in Your Ham Shack (W6OAV) Nov 2016

An Interesting Mystery HF Signal (W6OAV) Sep 2017

Atop Squaw Mountain (W0WYX) Nov 2007

Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High (Phillips) Dec 2009

Community Emergency Response Team (KD0SQA) May 2014

DPS to Study Emergency Communications Jan 2010

DRC DMR Repeater goes BrandMeister (W6OAV) Dec 2016

Echolink, Effective Use (W6OAV) Jan 2015

Fox Hole Radio (AA0JK) Jul 2015

Happy 100th Birthday to the DRC (W6OAV) Sep 2017

Ham Radio Internet TV Programs Jul 2011

Morse Code Goes to Mars (W6OAV) Nov 2012

My Maritime Mobile Antenna Experience (KD6VKW) Oct 2015

NASA Tool Allows Exploration of Ionosphere Mar 2009

New Use for Old Radio Technology in Afghanistan Jan 2012

Readability Reports (KB6NU) Aug 2016

TSA and the Waldo Canyon Fire (KD0CXX) Aug 2012

W0TX Makes QST Magazine (W6OAV) Sep 2010

What is an Elmer? (AJ0C) Aug 2007

What Lightning Can Do to a Ham Shack (W0GV) Jul 2014

Where Are the Hams in My Neighborhood? (W6OAV) Feb 2009

Why Are Amateurs called “HAMS”? (FL Skip) Mar 2009

Why is the letter “i” used for current? (KG6RZG) Jul 2009

Wings Over the Rockies Ham Station (WG0V) May 2010

Yeasu Fusion Demystified (W0GV) Jul 2015

73 Magazines on Line (W6OAV) May 2015


807’S and Beer Can Verticals (W6OAV) Jun 2012

Allied Radio, Knight-Kits & Cycle 19 (W6OAV) Jan 2014

AM Verses SSB Wars (W6OAV) Jan 2010

CK722 the First Hobby Transistor (W6OAV) Jun 2011

Conelrad (W6OAV) Jun 2010

FM Repeater Systems in 60s (W6OAV) Oct 2010

Ham News & RCA Ham Tips (W6OAV) Nov 2012

Ham Stamp (W6OAV) Jul 2012

HTs in the 50s and 60s (W6OAV) Jun 2016

Job Ads For Hams in QST (W6OAV) Oct 2013

License Testing in 50’s/60s (W6OAV) Sep 2010

Mobile Antennas in the 50s (W6OAV) Apr 2011

Mobile Logging Requirements (W6OAV) Aug 2010

PE-103 Dynamotor & Mobiles (W6OAV) Jun 2014

Powering HF mobiles in the 50s (W6OAV) Jul 2010

Radio Shack As It Was (W6OAV) Nov 2014

Russian Woodpecker (W6OAV) May 2016

Tuning Frequencies With Analog Dials (W6OAV) Jul 2015

Tuning Antennas in the 50’s (W6OAV) Jul 2011

Using Q Multipliers (W6OAV) Nov 2010

Webster Band Spanner (W6OAV) May 2010

W0WYX on Squaw Mountain in the 60s (W6OAV) Dec 2015


As a New Ham How do I Get Active? Oct 2012

Can Tech Use the HF Packet Gateway? (W6OAV) Jan 2015

How do I determine what repeaters I can use? Sep 2012

How do dual band verticals work? (W6OAV) Mar 2015

How do I know what repeaters are active? Nov 2012

Radials needed with a long ground rod? Jun 2013


Field Day 2008 (K0SSE) Aug 2008

Field Day 2009 (K0SSE) Aug 2009

Field Day 2010) Jul 2010

Field Day 2011 (AG0S) Jul 2011

Field Day 2012 Aug 2012

Field Day 2013 (AC0UA) Aug 2013

Field Day 2015 (AC0UA) Aug 2015

Field Day 2017 (AD0UZ and AA0JK) July 2017


DRC 2007 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2007

DRC 2008 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2008

DRC 2010 Hamfest Report (W6OAV) Sep 2010

DRC 2011 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2011

DRC 2012 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2012

DRC 2013 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2013

DRC 2014 Hamfest Report (KC0CZ, AC0VC) July 2014

DRC 2015 Hamfest Report (KB0A) Sep 2015

DRC 2016 Hamfest Report (AC0UA) Aug 2016

DRC 2016 HamFest Photos (N0HI) Sept 2016

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