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The Denver Radio Club, WØTX

Providing Amateur Radio Services for the Denver Area Since 1917.
Denver Colorado, U.S.A.
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 Denver Radio Club Repeaters 

NOTICE to All Users of Our Club Repeaters

All licensed Amateurs are welcome to use the repeaters of the Denver Radio Club.

However, we ask that only the English language be used during QSOs.

This is due to the Board's, and the general membership's, inability to understand all of the other various languages which might be transmitted over our repeaters. Thus, we would not be able to properly monitor and enforce all applicable FCC rules if we allowed other languages which we don't understand. The DRC's elected Board, and the repeater Trustees, have a duty to the Club membership (the owners of the repeaters), to be in full compliance with the FCC regulations.

There is no discrimination intended towards the speakers of any other language.

Our primary requirement, as stated in the FCC rules, is to have proper control of our repeaters, and provide a lawful and safe place to share ideas. This requirement applies to all DRC repeater use, regardless of how the repeater is accessed: either over-the-air or via any VOIP access method.

The "ARRL Repeater Directory" specifically designates multi-lingual repeaters
by using the Code "Bi" in their publication. The DRC, WØTX, Repeaters do not have this designation.

The DRC Repeaters, shown below, are open to all amateurs.
If you find them useful, please join the Club and support their operation.

Frequency OffSet CTCSS Tone Location Comments Band
147.330 +600 Khz. 100.0 Hz. Green Mtn, Lakewood This system has Remote Voting Receivers
2 Meters
2nd Rptr.
+600 Khz. 131.8 Hz. South East Test Location In process of evaluating coverage area 2 Meters
145.490 -600 Khz. 100.0 Hz. Centennial Cone Linked w/ 448.625 2 Meters
224.380 -1.6 Mhz. 100.0 Hz. Green Mtn, Lakewood 1.25 Meters
449.350 -5 Mhz. 100.0 Hz. Squaw Mountain
(West of Denver)
Wide Area Coverage,
* Linked to EchoLink®  *
(Node 4140)
70 cmeter
448.625 -5 Mhz. 100.0 Hz. Centennial Cone Linked w/ 145.490 70 cmeter
447.825 -5 MHz Digital Code Squelch 073 St Anthony Medical Campus - Lakewood Narrow Band 12.5 KHz.
+/- 2.5 KHz. Deviation
Metro Denver Coverage
70 cmeter
145.050 Simplex Node W0TX-7 Green Mtn, Lakewood Linked to 14.105 MHz HF-Gateway 2 Meter Packet
14.105 Simplex Node W0TX-7 Green Mtn, Lakewood Linked to 145.050 MHz VHF Packet Gateway 20 Meters
53.090 -1 Mhz. 107.2 Hz. Green Mtn, Lakewood Metro Denver area coverage 6 Meters
446.7875 -5 MHz Digital Tier2 DMR,
2 Time Slot
Centenial Cone BrandMeister Repeater,
Metro Denver Coverage,
Slot 1 - Dynamic
Wide Area Traffic;
Slot 2 - Static
Local Traffic
(Talk Group 310804)
70 cmeter,
Digital Mobile Radio standard
449.775 -5 MHz Conventional FM Analog Access via
100.0 Hz.,
Tx & Rx(to block digital noise)
Green Mtn, Lakewood Yaesu System Fusion Repeater,
Metro Denver Coverage,
C4FM Digital & FM Analog
70 cmeter,
Yaesu C4FM Digital/Analog
Dual Mode