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 Meeting Extras 

This webpage provides extra content related to our monthly meeting presentations of the Denver Radio Club.

Power Point based presentations and Audio content are provided on this webpage.
Videos are hosted on our YouTube® Channel.

Small Transmitting Loop Antennas (STLs) Demystified,
by Bill, W6OAV

This audio file is a recording which Bill did when comparing an STL against a GP vertical & G5RV antenna.

The audio demo of the STL Signal to Noise Ratio as described by Bill:

"...STL’s have a better signal to noise ratio (SNR) than other types of antennas. Some years ago when I lived in San Jose, I ran a test on 10 meters FM with a station in the Seattle area. At the time the power line transformer behind my house was arcing and generating strong noise. I figured this was a good time to compare the SNR of my homebrew STL mounted in the garage rafters with a ground plane and a G5RV mounted above the house.
I recorded the test.

"At the beginning of the test I switched between the various antennas as the Seattle station was talking to another station. You will hear me announce the various antennas as I switched between them. Later, I transmitted to the Seattle station asking him to note the signal strengths of the various antennas. The second part of the recording documents his observation".

A complete, in-depth, article expanding on Bill's DRC meeting presentation, is in the January, 2017 issue of The Roundtable.

Please click on the Play button in the audio player below to hear Bill's antenna test.
(make sure your audio/speaker is turned up)

are now streaming on our New DRC YouTube Channel,

where you can view all of Bill Rinker's (W6OAV) Packet Radio Class sessions.

These sessions took 10 weeks for Bill to present in 1992, and they are in-depth.

Although there have been some changes with newer technology,
the majority of the information is still current and very usable.
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