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The Denver Radio Club, WØTX

Providing Amateur Radio Services for the Denver Area Since 1917.
Denver Colorado, U.S.A.
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The DRC provides Emergency Communications services for the:
Denver Offices of the Salvation Army,
Colorado ARES Districts R1D4 & R1D6,
Lakewood Colorado Police Dept.,
City of Wheat Ridge,
West Metro Fire District,
and St Anthony's Hospital


The EmComm services provided by the DRC include
trained volunteer emergency communications radio operators,
and the Club's VHF/UHF repeaters.

Michael Vespoli, KEØHFH; and Brennan Pate, ADØUZ;
are our Emergency Communications Coordinators.

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) are two important organizational and management structures now commonly used throughout the U.S.A. during both national and local emergencies.

All amateur radio operators are urged to become fully trained, with competent knowledge, on how these structures are implemented -- and how amateur radio fits into them.

The following web links can help amateur radios operators to increase their EmComm knowledge and communications skills:

Emergency Communications – The Basics by WØIPL
Colorado ARES Communications Website
The ARRL's ARES webpage

All amateur radio operators involved with EmComm should become FEMA certified in the following training courses:

"IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System, I-100"
"IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction"

In the near future, amateur radio operators will be required to hold training verification certifications, in order to provide EmComm services.

Information regarding the free, on-line, FEMA training courses is available at the following website:

Information about the ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Communications training courses is available at: