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Area Coverage Maps for DRC Repeaters

Partial Image of a Coverage Map


The following links provide maps which show the signal strength receive levels from DRC repeaters.

These maps have been prepared by W6OAV, using the freeware software Radio Mobile, by VE2DBE.

The assumptions used for the calculations and plotting are:
The mobile unit is 25 watt FM, using a standard 1/4 wave vertical on the roof of the vehicle.
The mobile unit receiver sensitivity requires 0.5 microvolt input to achieve a 10 dB (S+N)/N ratio.
The statistical reliability of coverage is set to 80%.

Your coverage may vary slightly, depending on your mobile radio, antenna gain/installation, and vehicle.

All maps are in standard jpeg image format, and each map will open in a new browser tab/window.
This allows you to open multiple repeater maps for comparison.

449.350 MHz.

448.625 MHz.

145.490 MHz.

447.825 MHz.

147.330 MHz.

446.7875 MHz.



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