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The DRC President's Monthly News Letter

Here is the Newsletter for September, 2017:

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By Gerry Villhauer - WØGV

Hello DRC Members,

The summer is slipping away. I can’t believe how fast this whole year is passing by; does that have something to do with getting older? Whatever the reason, it sure is happening at lightning speed. As I write this, Cathy and I are out of town for a long weekend, enjoying the time away in Utah.

Our Hamfest has come and gone with success but somewhat disappointing attendance. It appears some of the lack in attendance was do to the competition with the Epic Eclipse happening the Monday after our event. Well, we won’t worry about that happening again for awhile. I do want to thank EVERY member and non-member for their help doing all the last minute set-up, tear down, ticket selling, various other jobs and operating the kitchen. We could not have done it without YOU!

Thanks to Larry (K0LAI) for presenting our August DRC Meeting on Packet Radio, APRS and Winlink. Larry also did this presentation at our Hamfest. Along with that, Bill (W6OAV) did a presentation on Brandmeister DMR. I understand both presentations were well received. If you missed Bill’s presentation on Brandmeister DMR, you will have another opportunity at our September meeting when Bill will give the presentation again. If you already saw his presentation, I guarantee you will get more out of it the second time. We have had many requests for more information on Brandmeister, so don’t miss the learning opportunity which will help whether or not you have already jumped into DMR or thinking about doing so.

September is our annual meeting and election of officers. If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors, contact me or any Board member.

Thanks to our new members for making the DRC “Your Club”. Please come to meetings and other events and stay active. Your name and call will be listed in this issue of the Round Table.

73 for now,

Gerry, WØGV
Denver Radio Club