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Here is the March, 2017, DRC President's News Message:

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By Gerry Villhauer - WØGV

Although spring is just around the corner, as I start to write this message it is snowing. It has sure been a strange February this year in regard to weather and temperatures.

As usual there has not been much activity to report on during the winter months. That does not mean there is not a lot of planning going on behind the scene. The technical committee chair Bill Rinker (W6OAV) has been very busy with the DMR Brandmeister code plugs, especially after we made some technical changes to the system. Another item in the planning stage is arranging for internet service at our Centennial Cone site; in preparation to move our DMR (Brandmeister) repeater to the Cone. Also we are in the testing stage of adding Wires-X to the Yaesu Fusion repeater. That addition will allow the fusion repeater to connect via the internet to the outside world.

Thanks to Brian Wood (W0DZ) for his presentation at our February meeting. Brian operates DZ Kit, based in Loveland, Colorado. He explained and demonstrated the Sienna XL high performance HF transceiver which comes in a partial kit form. It is amazing how much engineering goes into a radio with the all the features that are designed into the Sienna XL along with making it in a kit form.

The March meeting will be something out of the ordinary. We will be hosting a National Weather Service (NWS) Severe Weather Spotter Class. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive their NWS weather spotter number after completing the class. There are more details in this issue of the RT but, I would like to point out a few things. There will be no Elmer Session prior to the meeting. The Weather Spotter Class with start promptly at 6 p.m., March 15tth. We are expecting a large attendance and have arranged to use the LARGE Conference Room at our usual meeting place. The class with be approximately 2 ½ hours, ending by 8:30 p.m. We are NOT opening this class up to the general public. Besides DRC members we are inviting other ham radio operators, public safety, police, fire, dispatcher and EOC personnel. I expect seating will fill up quickly. I am advising DRC members to come a few minutes prior to 6 p.m. because we have no way of knowing the response we will get until show time. Please see additional information elsewhere in this issue and our website I guarantee this will be an excellent learning experience.

Thanks to all of you who recently joined and made the DRC “Your Club”. Please stay active on the air, come to meetings, programs and events. Your name and call will be listed in the body of the Round Table.

73 for now,

Gerry, WØGV
Denver Radio Club



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