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The Denver Radio Club, WØTX

Providing Amateur Radio Services for the Denver Area Since 1917.
Denver Colorado, U.S.A.
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Denver Radio Club Items

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Other Metro Denver Area Clubs

RMRL - Rocky Mountain Radio League
CRA - Colorado Repeater Assn.
CRRG - Castle Rock Repeater Group
Colorado ARES
Colorado RACES
Colorado Section, ARRL
Rocky Mountain Division ARRL
Colorado HamCon


Other Ham Clubs

SandHills Amateur Radio Club
KARS - Kona Amateur Radio Society, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
OCARC, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.


Call Sign and Repeater Look-Up Servers

UALR Call Sign Lookup Server


Emergency Contacts

U.S. Coast Guard - Rescue Coordination Centers
(to report H.F. "Mayday" & "Pan-Pan" maritime distress calls)


Ham Radio and Related Organizations

ARRL - American Radio Relay League's Home Page
AMSAT, Radio Amateur Satellite Corp.
FISTS - The Intl. Morse Code Preservation Society
TAPR, Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp.
FCC Welcome Page
The Maritime Radio Historical Society
IEEE organization
SETI League
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps MARS, Region 8


International Amateur Radio Societies

RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain, UK
GARS - Guernsey Amateur Radio Society
JARL - Japan Amateur Radio League (in English)
GARS - Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society
SARTS - Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
RNARS - Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
TTARS - Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio Society
RL - Luxemborg Amateur Radio Society
Waverley Amateur Radio Society, Sydney Australia
Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores (in Spanish)
Union Radioaficionados Espa├▒oles (in Spanish)
Radio Club de Costa Rica (in Spanish)
DARC - Deutscher Amateur-Radio Club (in German)
REF - Union Francaise des Radioamateurs (in French)
ARI - Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (in Italian)
Radio Amateurs of Canada (in Canadian, eh?)
European PSK Club
ARSK - Radio Society of Kenya
IRTS - Irish Radio Transmitting Society
RSO - Radio Society of Okinawa
IARU - International Amateur Radio Union
ITU - International Telecommunication Union


Amateur Radio News

"Amateur Radio Newsline": Pasternak's Ham Radio News Reports
Southgate Amateur Radio News - International News from London, England
K1DWU's Ham Radio News Update


Dealers and Suppliers

HamRadio Outlet
R F Parts Company
Radio City inc.
BUXCOMM - Packet Radio Stuff
Texas Towers On-Line Store
Array Solutions - antenna arrays
K3IWK's Chassis Kits,Custom Enclosures, Antennas
BEC Distribution Ltd., TOKO Products Distributor and Technical Info.
Digikey Corp. - Electronic Parts
Mouser Electronics
Dan's Small Parts and Kits Co.
Monitoring Times Magazine


Equipment Manufactures:

Antenna Specialists and Maxrad brand antennas
Antenex Antenna Corp.
Arrow Antenna
Andrew Corp. (Heliax Coax Cable)
Alinco USA
Yaesu USA
Hamtronics - VHF & UHF Radio Equipment
Kenwood Amateur Radio
Down East Amateur Microwave
B&W (Barker & Williamson) Antennas/Coils
Tigertronics Digital/Packet Interfaces
Diamond Antenna
Comet Antenna/Daiwa/Maldol
US Tower
MAHA Batteries/Chargers
Larsen Antennas
M2 Antennas
Rohn Tower Information
Glen Martin Engineering - Towers
BayCom Packet, Germany


Misc. Ham Radio Related Information

The FCC's Info on Amateur Radio Service, U.S.A.
The FCC's Title 47 - The Rules for the U.S.A.
Guide to Amateur Radio for New Hams
"How Ham Radio Works" at's web site
The Wikipedia's article on amateur radio
AC6V, Rod Dinkins' little web site
AA9PW's FCC & FAA Practice License Exams
World's Largest Code Key?
HamGallery: QSL Card site
antenneX - The Antenna Experimenter
QSL.NET: home page of the free amateur radio web hosting site
The eHam Web Site: News, Reviews, Articles
Ham Radio Mods pages
QRSS and You
W4RNL, L.B. Cebik: Lot's of Info on Antennas
W7EL, Roy Lewallen's "EZNEC" Antenna Modeling Program
G4FGQ, Reg Edwards' (SK) Free Ham Radio Software (Memorial Site)
VK2CA's web site in OZ land
What Time is It? - The U.S. Naval Observatory
Storage Battery FAQ from Wind & Sun Co.
Repeater Builder's Technical Info
G3SEK's Technical References on R.F. Amplifier Design
U.S. Coast Guard's Maritime Communications Information Pages
Chuck Husick's Boating Radio and Electronics Pages
Harry's Homebrew Projects
History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy
Salsa, HF Propagation Prediction, QRP PK31, and some other non-related items.
Why 50 Ohms Coax?
Small Tuned loop antennas (STLs) for H.F.
More information on Small Tuned loop antennas (STLs), aka Magnetic Loops.
"Some J-Poles That I Have Known", a four part series.
A page with over 1,000 ham radio web links from K4MG, Barry Rimmer.
"The Educypedia"'s Electronics Theory pages.
"John's Radio Pages.
"The Mystery of Radials" by Thierry Lombry, ON4SKY.
Info on Packet Radio by N5PVL, Charles Brabham.
Anyone remember what a CK722 is?
What goes here? More Carl and Jerry memories.
Some information about Tesla.
Another page about Tesla.
Cheap and easy to build Yagis for VHF/UHF, by WA5VJB and AB5SS.
What is a "Class E" transmitter?
An on-line, interactive, Amateur Satellite Pass Predictor by AMSAT.
How to Silver Plate RF Components
Radio, electrical and electronic articles, from G3YNH
SolderSmoke Podcasts (in MP3 format), by Bill, N2CQR
The 50 KW A.M. Broadcast Transmitter at KOA radio, Denver Colorado, circa 1935.
Ham Radio Interest by Facebook® Users

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